Drupal 7 - Module - Entity Reference Prepopulate


Allow prepopulating any Entity reference field via URL.

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Extends the Entity reference module to allow Entity Reference fields to be prepopulated by a URL.

Use Case

This module is great when you need to dynamically provide default values for entity references.


We are going to set up an “Article” entity reference field on the “Basic Page” content type. We want to prepopulate the field with an existing “Article”.

1. Create Entity Reference Field

  1. Add a new field on the “Page” content type: admin/structure/types/manage/page/fields
    • Field Type: Entity Reference
    • Label: My Article
    • Machine Name: field_article
  2. Edit the new field:
    • Additional Behaviors: Check Entity reference prepopulate

Field edit page

2. Create an Article

  1. Create a new “Article”: node/add/article
    • Title: My Prepopulated Article

3. Create a Page

This is where the magic happens.

Create a new “Page”: node/add/page?field_article=<node_id> (replace <node_id>) with the nid of the new article.

You will see our new My Article field gets prepopualted with an article.

Prepopulated "Article" field on a "Page" content type